Defiant Jumble

I am a disobedient artist, and yet a formalist.

I never follow instructions, plan, or very seldom do I sketch out my vision.  It allows me to probe and experiment along the way.  Expectations are never realized but I am always surprise of their outcome.

My rule of law; is not to have one… Being naïve allows me to know just enough so that I can bleed out my own curiosity and my own desires.

Many times in my life I was told you should not, cannot, won’t work, or your wasting your time.

I am an object maker with reckless use or needs. I make objects that are born of rubbish or discarded material. They all have a sense of symbolism but posses their own identity.  My play is not just physical but it’s a three- dimensional mind mapping. I am seduced into making art that aligns me with my inner energy. My Art is on a dare that is refined, defiant but sincere.     

You can’t live on art… BUT, I live art


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